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Artist: Stephanie Gudeman, Kip Martin, Darrell Harvey Rex Baca

Recorded at Studio West by Darrell Harvey and Rex Baca

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1.Over The Ocean


Night Orchestra 'Don't Give up the Dream'

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Artist: Stephanie Gudeman and Bobby Speed

Produced by Carl Evans and Steve Wetherbee

Engineer by Darrell Harvey and Rex Baca

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2.White Stone Bridge

A Festival of Renaissance Dances

######### Southern California Early Music Consort

This CD is filled with festive Renaissance instrumental music performed live. The music is performed on a wide variety of authentic reproductions of 16th Century instruments including Shawm, recorder, Dulcian, Sackbutts, Coronetto, and more.The Southern California Early Music Consort (SCEMC) was first formed in 1972 to be a professional re-creation of the 16th century town band so common in Europe and England. The musicians in SCEMC are true Renaissance musicians, mastering many different instruments as would be required in that time period. SCEMC performs music on authentic reproductions of 16th Century instruments including but not limited to Shawm, Dulcian, recorder, Krumhorn, Gemshorn, Sackbutt, Coronetto, Trumpet, Tabor, Timrel, Timpani, Xylophone all of which are featured in this CD. SCEMC has been featured annually at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire as the Queens Band, churches, libraries, schools, theme parks, and has had players perform on the sound tracks for Disney movies such as The Dark Crystal, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, The Blue Lagoon, A & E specials, TV , and many other notable events.

Night Orchestra Videos

######### Christmas Videos

HOLLY, JOLLY and JINGLE perform the most popular Latin Christmas song in the world! We sing and play this great tune on Steel Drum, Mandolin and Bass. THANK-YOU JOSE FELICIANO for this *great* piece of music! Also see and hear Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming To Town"

All Irish American Band

######### All Irish American Band

This group has been the house band for the Blarney Stone Gaslamp and Claremont, Hennessy's, Vista Pub, and many more. This is an experienced entertaining Irish band .. perfect for background or foreground entertainment. We can play an all Irish repertoire for hours or add other standards depending on client need.This very versatile Irish band plays Irish standards, sing along songs, and classic rock. We have a unique instrumentation including oboe and "Irish" horn as well as guitar, mandolin, drums, bass, and the beloved irish whistle which augments our 3 part vocal harmonies. Did we say versatile? Yes, we do have a Christmas Show! Animated and positive, we endeavor to engage the audience in play.We perform as a 2-5 piece group.